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Step into the future and master the art of future-proofing your business as you put your employees first!

Imagine KNOWING what the future landscape of markets will look like? Visualise the Power that you will have by being able to predict your client and employee needs to strategically shape your business into one which offers bespoke solutions, impacts innovation trends, changes human behaviour and dominates industries. You CAN achieve this by cultivating your relationship with trusted, independent partners such as ASI, that mould the fundamentals for your employees and organisation. Through empowering your employees, we empower the greater South Africa in adapting to an ever evolving environment.

Join ASI for 120 minutes of bespoke thought leadership.

Business Risk:

Is there still a place for traditional Employee Benefits in the future and what does that look like?


Human Capital Risk:

Is leadership ready to deal with the capital risk and increased cost their employees aggregate as a result of mental health, inadequate retirement, and loss of life related to COVID?

Technology Risk and the changing face of Insurance:

The importance of solving insurance dilemmas, once considered to be futuristic, is no longer something we can delay until ‘tomorrow’ – examples such as Cyber-crime and associated Business Interruption are very real threats and realities we face.


Help sustain your organisation as we explore the opportunities of the future, together.

Time: 19 August 2021, 13h00 – 15h00

Limited space available.

The Power of Choice lies in your hands – Seize the opportunity!

Implementing hybrid business models requires for pioneers to be able to measure the risk of human capital, socio-economic factors, financial markets and cyber safety to reconstruct employee benefits that better suit your balance sheet, wellness of employees and solidify the organisations position in the value chain.

Join us for a 120 minute immersive session to hear what you can expect in the future!

Collaborate with Thought Leaders who are catalysts for change

Engage the ASI Employee Benefits and Short-term Insurance leadership team as well as renowned mentalist Gillan Gork in a powerful session which will enable to you master the art of future proofing your business against predicted risks.


The Power of Knowing Master of Ceremony

Fazlin Swanepoel

Managing Director – Employee Benefits

Passion for people development is what drives this operationally focused and digitally astute leader. Fazlin’s progressive approach to spearheading transformation, particularly when it comes to female empowerment, helps fulfil our purpose of Building Wealth and Changing Lives.

Nishan Pillay

Thought Leadership Panel Facilitator

Nishan Pillay

Director – Strategy and Planning

Through his expertise in the areas of Human Capital, Digital Transformation, Sales and Marketing, Nishan is driven by his passion for Digital Strategies, embedded in changing lives through optimised customer value.


Change Catalyst 

Anthony Govender

Chief Visionary Officer

Widely regarded as a ‘boardroom activist’, Anthony champions causes that are close to his heart through purposeful leadership in the Financial Services industry.

Our Panellists


Vusi Maswili

Director – Consulting Services

Passion for strong and unique employee benefits fuels Vusi’s purpose for sharing his knowledge of financial literacy to all South Africans as he oversees the corporate Employee Benefits division spearheading Health, Group Risk and Retirement funds.


Naseema Ephraim

Director – Client Value and Risk

In alignment with ASI’s core values of Building Wealth and Changing Lives, Naseema passionately helps corporate clients across African markets with Health, Wellness and Employee Benefit strategies.

Brett Zinn

Brett Zinn

Executive: Short-Term Insurance

As a trusted voice in the industry, Brett’s advice is driven by insights, analytics and a passion for service excellence. Over the years, he has built rapport, changed mindsets and inspired pioneers in the industry.


Guest Speaker

Gilan Gork

Mentalist, Speaker and Author

With two decades’ experience as a professional mentalist, Gilan creates unique learning experiences that help people and organisations unleash their influence. He teaches how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, to be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market and inspire on a new level.

Want to hear what the future has to say?

Send us your burning questions for expert mentalist Gilan Gork, and stand a chance to win the opportunity to engage with him at The Power of Knowing virtual event in August!

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